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Why We Read Other People’s Minds

Have you ever wondered why you’re so concerned about what other people think of you? Why do you care so much if they have a good or bad opinion of you?

Well, it turns out that we all have a special area in our brains that only has one job and this job is to read other people’s minds.

That’s why you only need a glance at someone and you already know what he or she is thinking. Well, at least your brain thinks it knows.

This special brain region is located above and behind your right ear and it gets developed during your childhood and early adolescence.

Now here’s how this is related to your social anxiety.

Since this brain region gets developed over time it also gets lots and lots of inputs that influence its development.

Logically, we don’t get the same inputs because we have different role models.

Living with outgoing parents gives you different inputs than living with introverted parents.

And there are also many other influencing factors like peers, teachers and other people you look up to.

Consequently, we end up with differently developed systems for reading other people’s minds.

Some people see things as they are, while other people blow things up out of proportions.

And people with social anxiety usually blow things up.

Instead of simply taking this information and reacting to it, socially anxious people tend to take this information and keep working on it.

Consequently, they end up with all sorts of different negative scenarios that are so far away from initial readings that happened in this special part of the brain.

Now, if you’d like to learn more about this part of your brain that allows you to read other people’s mind, you might want to watch this interesting video below.

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