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What Kept Me Motivated During The Difficult Times Of Social Anxiety

motivation to beat social anxiety

Before I tell you what kept me going during the most difficult times of my social anxiety I must tell you that everything becomes easier once you start the journey of overcoming it.

Sure, you get to experience setbacks that make you feel like you haven’t done any progress at all, but these are just moments of frustration and bad mood.

If you’re determined to change your situation and beat social phobia, these negative moments don’t last.

Your motivation drives your forward and makes you move on.

It’s your motivation to live a better, more fulfilling life that pulls you out of a setback and propels you forward.

This motivation must come from within. It must come from a deep desire for a better life.

For me, this was my desire to love and be loved.

desire for love

As a kid I grew up watching fairy tells. I loved watching romantic movies where the underdog gets the girl. I loved the movies where the socially unaccepted hero wins the girls heart.

Obviously, the reality was very different.

Most girls I knew at that time and found attractive, wanted a “bad” guy.

That’s not who I was…

I was a good guy… friendly… non-conflicting person….

I was an average Joe and as such I was unable to find love.

My social anxiety and my excess weight made me an instant “no go” with girls.

At best I could hope to be friends.

But I refused to accept the idea that I would never love and be loved at the same time.

I wanted that so much.

I wanted to be hugged.

I craved for love.

And that was a big part of my motivation to change and beat social anxiety.

At the same time, this desire for love kept me motivated during the tough times of my social anxiety.

Whenever I thought about giving up and accepting the idea of living a subpar life and suffering the pain of loneliness, a thought about love woke me up from my automatic negative thoughts.

That desire for finding someone to love made me recompose my thoughts and come back to reality. Desire for love helped me break out of my doomsday thinking.

You must do the same. You must find your biggest desire for change.

In order to get through the tough times you simply need something worth fighting for.

Find that desire and you’ll be able to stay motivated during the tough times yourself.

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