How To Get Accustomed To Being Around People When You’re Used To Do Everything You Can To Avoid Them - Social Anxiety Advice

How To Get Accustomed To Being Around People When You’re Used To Do Everything You Can To Avoid Them

Being around other people can be very unpleasant when you suffer from social anxiety. When there are people around you, you’re operating in survival mode, which means that you’re in the state of preparedness for something bad to happen. Your mind is focused on all possible negative scenarios that could happen.

All this makes it very hard to be around other people, especially when you don’t have an option to leave.

And the longer you avoid being around other people, the more anxious you get when you eventually have to be around them.

You become accustomed to being alone which makes your social skills get even rustier.

Consequently, your level of anxiety gets worse and worse and at some point you end up on meds.

So, how do you prevent that?

What can you do to become more comfortable around other people when you’re used to avoiding them at all costs?

Join a local gym!

I know, I know… gyms can make you even more self-conscious and seeing people in shape can make you feel even less adequate. But please bear with me because in a second I’m going to tell you why gyms can be such a great environment for getting used to being around other people.

First of all, gyms are not full of people with perfect bodies.

There are also people who are out of shape and want to get fit.

And the people who already are fit often have a bad self-image and they want to look even better.

So, don’t get all self-conscious.

Don’t bother how you look because you’re there to get in shape and you’re not the only one who’s not in shape.

Now, here’s why a local gym can be such a great place to get accustomed to being around other people.

It’s a semi-social environment, which means that you can spend a whole day in the gym, working out with other people being around, without talking to anyone.

This allows you to slowly become accustomed to being in a room full of people.

And if the anxiety hits you nobody will notice because it’s normal that you need to sit down and catch a breath if you work out.

So if you need to do some deep breathing to calm down, you can do that without anyone knowing how you really feel. Nobody will pay attention to you because everyone in the gym is used to seeing people sitting down and catching their breath.

Over time you will start seeing the same people coming to the gym and maybe you’ll say “hi” to them or give them a head nod.

Slowly, at your own pace you can start interacting with others all while working on yourself.

And I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous posts that exercise makes you feel good because of the endorphins your body produces during a physical activity.

Over time you will start to feel better and better about yourself and you will notice a noticeable raise in your self-esteem.

You’ll become accustomed to being around other people and your anxiety in social situations will slowly start to decrease.

And talking with other gym members will help you improve your social skills.

So, in time you’ll get better and better and your anxiety will slowly start to melt away.

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