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What To Do When You’re Too Afraid To Apply For A Job

You need a job but you’re too afraid to even begin an application for a job. The mere thought of getting a response scares you. A negative response immediately means you didn’t get a job and an invitation to an interview brings up even more worries.

At an interview, they can ask you all sorts of questions.

What if they ask you something that you don’t know how to answer?

What if you say something crazy and make a fool out of yourself?

And what if they ask you to tell them something about you and you’ve got nothing special going on in your life?

What if you break down right there in front of the whole human resource department?

What can you do about it?

What can you do when you’re too afraid to apply for a job?

First, you need to realize that you’ve got nothing to lose. If they say no to your application, you simply move on and apply for a different job. Most people never get a “yes” right away. Most of us have to send out several applications to get invited to a single interview.

When you think about it, it’s logical. They need to pick someone they believe will be the best match for their company and no one can be a perfect match for everyone.

Just think of dating. People have different tastes. What you like in your partner is probably quite different to what someone else wants. It’s the same with jobs. We cannot please everyone and that’s perfectly fine.

However, there’s a way to increase your chances big time.

It’s called preparation.

If you want to get over the first hurdle and actually get to the interview, you need to do some research on the company and the job position you’re targeting.

This allows you to prepare an application that underlines your best features that are actually relevant to that job position.

So, let’s now assume that you’ve got to the interview. What now?

How To Handle Job Interviews When You Have Social Anxiety

Once again, preparation is key.

I still remember how stupid I was a couple of years ago when I went to a job interview completely unprepared. I thought I could wing it. I thought I’d just be myself and “impress” them with my “knowledge”.

The problem was that they weren’t looking for my knowledge or expertise. They were looking for someone that would do exactly what they wanted and in a way that they wanted. And I believed that their way was just wrong. And it was wrong. I was right about that, but I didn’t get that job.

So, the moral of the story is that you need to do your best to fit in into their agenda.

You need to agree with their views and expand on that. Unless you just can’t agree with their views. In this case you’ll have to work on getting a different job somewhere else or start something on your own.

So, once again, prepare for the interview the best way that you can.

Research the company and what’s expected of you.

If there’s someone that could help you practice job interviews, ask them for help. Practice and rehearse your answers for as many questions as you can.

You can even videotape yourself and watch it afterward so you can see what you could improve on.

You can always improve on your answers and your delivery. The key is to be able to deliver your answers as smoothly as you can even when you feel crappy inside.

Preparation will definitely melt some of the anxiety away.

You’ll at least be certain that you’ve done your best to be well prepared.

How To Deal With Nerves While Being Interviewed

Once the real interview starts, you need to focus on the questions and your answers. I know this is easier said than done when you have social anxiety and your whole body tries to remind you that this is not a super pleasant situation.

The good news is that I can help you feel more relaxed at a job interview.

You see, I’ve discovered a very helpful technique that allows you to calm down without anyone seeing that you’re actually doing something to calm down.

I explain this technique in this short video here.

Just click on the link above and watch how to apply this technique to calm down in just minutes.

Now, I hope that you’ve found this article helpful. If you did and you think you’d benefit by having better communication skills feel free to take my free course below.

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