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The Whole World Is Against Me – What Should I Do?

It’s frustrating when you feel like the whole world is against you. You feel like everyone is judging you all the time and everything you do seems to not be good enough.

I used to have these feeling of inadequacy all the time. Whenever I went out of the house I felt like all the eyes were on me, and everyone was waiting for me to make a mistake.

I don’t know if you can relate, but it made my life very miserable.

You see, being constantly afraid of doing something wrong makes you become inactive. It makes you not want to do anything because there’s always a small chance of failure and this small chance appears to be significant.

This fear of being judged and ridiculed made me avoid all sorts of social situations and consequently made my social anxiety even worse over time.


Well, the more I avoided social interactions the more natural and obvious this behavior became. It became a part of me and once things become a part of you, it gets very difficult to change them.

And once avoidance becomes natural to you, it becomes very hard to stop avoiding social situations.

So whenever you have to interact with other people your tendency is to avoid and when you can’t avoid it you get super anxious. And since you’ve become accustomed to avoiding you don’t have any other coping mechanism that would help you deal with these situations.

So when you can’t avoid it you become extremely anxious and this gives your subconscious another confirmation that social interactions are dangerous and the more confirmation you give it the more intense your social anxiety becomes over time.

So what should you do?

What should you do when it feels like the whole world is against you?

Well, the most obvious thing to do is to stop avoiding social situations.

I know that it sounds almost impossible or at lest extremely difficult when avoidant behavior is your natural way, however you need to stop it anyway.

Now the good news is that it’s not that difficult as you think it is.

You don’t have to just start exposing yourself to social situations in order to acquire a new behavioral pattern.

You don’t have to put yourself out there and risk getting embarrassed.

You can actually start working on your social anxiety in the comfort of your own home and that’s what I actually recommend doing because it’s way less stressful and the chances of overcoming your social phobia consequently improve.

You see, right now you have all these fears about social situations and social interactions.

And you have these fears because you have certain negative limiting beliefs.

And in order to not have these fears anymore you need to address these limiting beliefs and replace them with better ones.

And that’s something that you can start working on in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to go out there and expose yourself to stressful social situations in order to replace your limiting beliefs.

It’s way better if you replace them while being in a situation that feels comfortable to you so that you can work on replacing them with your whole being.

When you feel comfortable your subconscious helps you work on these beliefs.

Now on the other hand, if you put yourself in a stressful situation your subconscious starts working on helping you survive this situation.

Your subconscious becomes engaged in your survival and when it tries to keep you safe it simultaneously tries to protect these limiting beliefs.

Consequently, your subconscious want you to remove yourself from that situation as soon as possible so it’s hard to acquire better beliefs this way.

Now, if you’d like to learn more on how to work on your limiting beliefs in the comfort of your own home subscribe to my email newsletter because that’s where I’ll show you how to do it.

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