How To Stop Thinking That Everyone Is Looking At You Or Talking About You - Social Anxiety Advice

How To Stop Thinking That Everyone Is Looking At You Or Talking About You

Do you ever get that feeling that people are constantly judging you or talking about you behind your back? When you go out you get that feeling that everyone is looking at you, talking bad about you, laughing at you or simply thinking something bad of you. If that’s the case, read this article.

Social anxiety is a condition that makes us want to predict everything. We try to predict what will happen and we try to read other people’s mind. Over time we become good at it. At least we believe that we’re good at it.

However, we’re not any better than anyone else at reading other people’s minds.

Most often we’re just plain wrong.

People are not judging us all the time. Most people don’t even notice us.


Well, because most people have their own problems that they are thinking about. Most people are preoccupied with their own thoughts, so they don’t really pay that much attention to you.

So, try this…

When you get this feeling that everyone is staring at you and judging you, stop your thoughts and look around you.

When you look at the people around you, you’ll notice that they are lost in their own worlds. You’ll notice that no one really pays attention to you.

Some people might look at you just because you stand in their way, but most will simply walk by like you were not even there.

No one will have that “I’m going to laugh at you the moment you do something weird” look on their face.

This should help you feel a bit better and less self-conscious.

What If I Still Feel Like People Are Judging Me, Even When The Evidence Shows Otherwise?

Depending on your degree of anxiety, it’s possible that you’ll still have this feeling of being judged in spite of seeing that other people don’t really care.

Why is this so?

Well, you have this feeling of being judged all the time because you’ve experienced certain things in your past that made you believe that people are constantly judging you.

Maybe you noticed your schoolmates talking bad about you behind your back and that made you feel like you were being judged.

Maybe you saw schoolmates laughing at you and that made you feel like you were being judged.

School can be tough because kids can do all sorts of things that can hurt you and this can leave long-term consequences.

Whatever happened to you, it had a significant emotional impact on you.

This made you develop a BELIEF that people are always judging you and looking for an opportunity to show you that you’re not good enough.

It’s a belief that causes social anxiety.

It’s a belief like any other belief and that is a good thing.


Because beliefs can be changed!

You can pick any negative limiting that is causing your anxiety and replace it with a belief that will help you function normally around other people.

You can learn how to do it by going through these steps here:


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