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What To Do When People Laugh At You

Last week my friend Jason invited me out because he wanted to talk with me about his job and the situation he has found himself in.


He was vividly uncomfortable but he still wanted to go to a local bar for a beer or two.

So as we were sitting there, talking about his coworker badmouthing him in front of the boss, something bad happened.

He noticed three cute girls at the next table laughing at us.

Immediately he became embarrassed and started to get defensive inside.

His body closed and I could clearly see how uncomfortable he became.

So I looked behind him and I noticed there was a TV playing sports fails.

It was obvious to me that the girls were laughing because they saw something funny.

And it usually is this way.

Most people don’t laugh at you.

When you see them laughing, they are most likely laughing at something else.

99% of the time they don’t even notice you, so don’t bother…

Yeah I know… but what about that 1% that actually does laugh at you?

Well, think about it this way.

When people have to belittle other people, there’s always a logical reason behind it.

They belittle other people because they themselves have very low self-esteem.

Even if they appear like they are confident, they really are not!

They are just hiding behind the façade. Inside, they are feeling extremely uncomfortable and by laughing at others they try to bring themselves up.

So, don’t let this bother you.

They actually need help… most likely a hug and someone telling them they are just fine the way they are.

So don’t bother about people laughing around you. It’s almost never about you!

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