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In this comprehensive video you will learn how to overcome social anxiety by following the proven 4-step process.

This is a replay video of the webinar I did a while ago, so take your time and go through the whole video.

It's packed with eye-opening tips that will help you beat social anxiety.

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Feeling Ugly?

There were days when I felt like I was the ugliest person alive. I felt like I was so ugly that no one would ever go out with me. I was 50 pounds overweight and when I walked, my belly fat was wobbling like jelly. And when you add glasses to all that, you get […]

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I Failed At Everything

Ever since I can remember I was afraid to fail at things that others thought were easy. I was afraid that if I do it wrong they would see me as incompetent and not worth being in their company. So I avoided failure at all costs. I avoided all situations that had the potential to […]

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