Got A New Job But Feeling Incapable To Work? - Social Anxiety Advice

Got A New Job But Feeling Incapable To Work?

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve somehow nailed the job interview and got hired but then couldn’t perform at your best? Did you feel like you were incapable to work and you really shouldn’t get that job? Did you feel like it would be better if you quit?

Well, hopefully this video can help you out.

Just remember that it’s perfectly normal to feel this way. Most people feel like this to some degree when they start a new job.

Sure, when you have social anxiety, your feelings are much stronger and you feel like this job is going to consume you. You feel like you’re gonna go nuts.

So, make sure to take it as a learning process.

Take one step at a time.

Learn something new today and build on that. If you keep this attitude, you will learn something new every day and sooner than later you’ll be perfectly capable of doing your job.

You will learn how to do certain tasks that make you anxious right now and you’ll learn new coping strategies that will help you keep the anxiety levels at bay.

And by the way, if you nailed that job interview then you deserve that job! Just getting that jobs proves it that your employer things you’re the right person for that job. If they believe it, so should you!


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