How To Motivate Yourself To Go To Work? - Social Anxiety Advice

How To Motivate Yourself To Go To Work?

Mondays were always my least favorite day of the week. Waking up was difficult and immediately after realizing it’s Monday I felt the anxiety and the unpleasant tension in my stomach.

After a short and relaxing weekend I had to go to work again and that made me feel miserable and anxious every single time.

My office felt like a prison to me and I always had a feeling that my every step was being watched and evaluated.

Now I know that many of you who are reading this have this same problem, so I’ve decided to give you some tips.

Here’s what you can do to motivate yourself to go to work when your social anxiety is “telling” you not to go:

  • Think about your dreams and your goals in life that require money. Think about all the things you can afford because you have a job.
  • Think about how good you’ll feel at the end of the day because you dared to face that challenge and went to work.
  • Think about a reward you could give yourself at the end of the week for going to work for five days straight. Is there a movie you’d like to watch? Maybe you could reward yourself with a delicious dinner? Think about anything that could serve you as a reward for going to work.
  • Be prepared. If you know you’ll have to attend a meeting, prepare yourself beforehand. Know the topic thoroughly and you’ll feel much less anxious.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you get more motivated to go to work and ease the anxiety at least a bit.

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