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How Long Does It Take To Overcome Social Anxiety?

Hi, what time frame could I expect for recovery? I experience very bad shaking, blushing and sweating and I would love to overcome this without medication.

I am terrified and ashamed of other people seeing my symptoms. I can’t be the real person that I know lies beneath these symptoms as I avoid so much or take meds to get me through!!

I have this since the age of 12 and I’m now 43. I can’t seem to let go and accept these symptoms and yet I know this is what is keeping me trapped.

It is also very difficult to physically do things when my hands are shaking badly and therefore I have to say no to things that I would dearly love to do. Have you any success stories similar to overcoming what I am experiencing?

My social anxiety also began somewhere around that age, maybe a year or so later, when I hit puberty. This is when we become very aware of our bodies and this is when we start to see our shortcoming.

We begin to compare ourselves to other people and since we cannot be perfect or at least equally good as other people at just about everything, many of us develop insecurities and certain social fears.

We develop a fear of getting ourselves embarrassed and laughed at. We also develop a fear of rejection and some other social fears that eventually make us anxious in social situations.

This prevents us from being who we really are. We begin to hide from this that we would love to do but make us anxious at the same time.

We basically develop certain fears and limiting beliefs that now make us anxious in social situations.

These beliefs are the triggers that trigger all the symptoms of social anxiety that you experience.

These symptoms are a sign that your subconscious gives you in order to warn you about the possible danger of a social event.

These symptoms are supposed to help you remove yourself from that situation before you could get emotionally hurt (embarrassed, laughed at, rejected).

Once you eliminate the limiting beliefs about yourself, about other people, and about social interactions, you also overcome your social anxiety.

Once you no longer have these limiting beliefs, there’s nothing there any more that would trigger social anxiety and it’s symptoms.

This is how you overcome social anxiety.

How fast can you expect the recovery?

This depends on many factors. Here are a couple of more important factors:

  • how many limiting beliefs you have
  • what limiting beliefs you have
  • how stubborn these beliefs are
  • what method you’re using for eliminating these limiting beliefs.

I have tried many things when I battled social anxiety and what worked best was a combination of emotional freedom techniques and NLP. Everything else was very ineffective and made me feel like I was making no progress.

If you’re interested in quick recovery and you want to get over social anxiety by following the proven steps, you need the check out the article I made on how to overcome social anxiety.

You should see very positive results in less than 12 weeks.

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