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How You Can Start Changing The Negative Limiting Beliefs That Cause Your Social Anxiety

Your limiting beliefs are responsible for your social fears and social anxiety. Therefore you need to understand this connection in order to beat the anxiety. Here you’ll find out how to get rid of those beliefs so you can eliminate the triggers of your anxiety.

You see, your negative limiting beliefs trigger your anxiety in social situations. These strong opinions of yourself, others and the world around you make you anxious and knowing that is extremely important.


Because it gives you an option to do something with these beliefs and change the way you react to social situations.

You see, if you replace your limiting beliefs with better ones, you can literally eliminate your social anxiety disorder.

And luckily we now have a very effective way to do that and I’m gonna tell you more about it later on in this episode of the social anxiety advice podcast.

First you need to understand that if you want to eliminate a limiting belief, you need to first identify that belief.

You simply cannot eliminate and replace something that you don’t even know that you have.

Therefore I always advice people with social anxiety to start their own diary.

Keep a log of all the thoughts going through your mind throughout the day.

This allows you to find out what’s causing you to become anxious and tense in social situations.

These automatic negative thoughts are caused by your limiting beliefs and once you identify these automatic thoughts that usually just run through your head without you even considering what’s going on, you can finally identify the beliefs behind these thoughts. You can identify the limiting beliefs that you need to replace.

Now before you can replace your limiting beliefs you first need to understand why beliefs are so hard to replace.

You see, beliefs are your opinions… your very strong opinions of yourself, the world and other people around you and these beliefs help you function in this world. These beliefs make you who you are right now and they allow you to make decisions very quickly.

They allow you to make decisions that help you survive in this world very and they allow you to make these decisions very quickly and effortlessly.

You see, if you didn’t have these beliefs you would have to think about every decision that you make in your life. And you would go crazy.

It would be impossible to live a normal life if you had to weigh in all the pros and cons of everything you do in your life before you actually do it.

And this is where beliefs help you big time.

Beliefs allow you to make automatic decisions.

But the problem is that some of these beliefs can be very limiting and can cause you social anxiety.

You see, if you have empowering beliefs you can do great things with your life. You can accomplish almost anything that you put your mind to.

But when you have limiting beliefs, you give limitations to yourself that prevent you from living your life the way you were supposed to live it.

And the good thing is that these limiting beliefs can be replaced and I’m gonna show you how to do it.

Now here’s why your beliefs and everyone’s beliefs are so strong.

You see, in order to form a belief you first need to have enough evidence of something to be true.

So if you have formed a belief that you’re not good enough it means that you’ve experienced enough negative events that caused you to feel like you were not good enough.

Based on these evidence you’ve formed a limiting beliefs that you’re not good enough.

And once you have this belief your subconscious mind only sees evidence that support this belief.

Even thou sometimes you experience just the opposite of what you believe you still can’t see this. You can’t see the evidence that support the empowering belief that is the opposite of your limiting belief.

And this is because your subconscious mind doesn’t want to let go of this limiting belief that you have. So it only gathers evidence that support it.

So why does your subconscious mind want to keep your limiting beliefs even thou you consciously know that these beliefs have a negative effect on your life?

Well, your limiting beliefs actually make you feel good.

I know that it sounds false but it’s true.

You see, you feel good because you feel kind of safe in this comfort zone that you’re living in.

And you feel safe because your limiting beliefs prevent you from doing things that would make you feel unsafe.

So since your subconscious mind only wants to protect you from getting hurt, it wants to keep these limiting beliefs that help you feel safe and be safe.

That’s why it’s very hard to replace your limiting beliefs with better ones just using logic.

Consciously you can understand very well that your limiting beliefs limit you and need to be replaced, however subconsciously you don’t want to let go of these beliefs. You don’t want to let go of beliefs that protect you from getting emotionally hurt.

That’s why it’s so hard to consciously replace your limiting beliefs. Your subconscious will keep sabotaging your efforts.

I’m not saying that it can’t be done but it’s a very long and tiresome process.

If you want to do it this way you need to keep gathering evidence that support a new belief… an empowering belief. And you need to gather enough evidence to make this belief feel true to you. And on the other hand you need to overlook every other evidence that support your negative limiting belief so that eventually you have more evidence that support the positive belief and you slowly start to believe that this new belief is true.

However the problem is that you’ve acquired your limiting beliefs during your childhood years and adolescence… and you acquired these beliefs throughout your life which means that you have lots and lots of evidence that support your limiting beliefs. That’s why it’s very likely that your limiting belief will stay dominant and you’ll still have social anxiety.

Now the good news is that you can now eliminate these limiting beliefs fairly quickly. How? I explain that in my 4-part video series on how to overcome social anxiety. You can subscribe below. It’s free.

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