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I Failed At Everything

Ever since I can remember I was afraid to fail at things that others thought were easy.

failure-successI was afraid that if I do it wrong they would see me as incompetent and not worth being in their company.

So I avoided failure at all costs. I avoided all situations that had the potential to expose my incompetence… my lack of knowledge… and my lack of skills.

This avoidant behavior made me feel somehow safe. It gave me security of not getting exposed as a total and utter failure.

But unfortunately this behavior only added fuel to my social anxiety.

The more that I avoided life and “dangerous” activities; the more I got stuck in my comfort zone… hiding in my parents’ basement… hiding from life.

So this limiting belief that failure is bad and failing makes you a failure, got me stuck with my social anxiety for far longer than it should.

It simply prevented me to act.

It prevented me to take action and do something about my anxiety.

So part of my process of overcoming my social anxiety was also embracing failure.

The more that I realized how important failure really is for any kind of success, the more I tried to fail.

You see, every successful man or woman had to fail over and over and over again before reaching his or her success.

Richard Branson had to fail.

Tony Robbins had to fail.

Bill Gates had to fail.


Because failing makes you stronger.

Every time you fail, you learn something new.

In the worst case, you learn what doesn’t work… and with the process of elimination you find a way that does work.

Thomas Edison had failed to create a functional light bulb for more than 1,000 times. But he didn’t give up. He kept failing until he found the right way.

So I embraced failure.

I started failing at everything that was important to me.

And just like a baby that is learning to walk for the first time, I picked myself up after every fall and I became stronger.

I became richer for another precious experience that allowed me to grow and expand my knowledge and skills. It allowed me to patch the wholes that I got because I used to be so afraid of exposing these wholes to the world.

So here’s the thing.

FAIL. And fail often. Make it your goal. And see it as an opportunity to learn something new rather than something that shows you’re incompetent.

You can’t really become competent if you don’t at least try, right?

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To your success,

Andre Sossi

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