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How To Stop Blushing When Put On The Spot Or Caught By Surprise

Does it ever happen to you that you start blushing when you’re put on the spot or when you have to deal with authority figures or people you find attractive? If this is a problem for you, then read this article to find out how to stop blushing.

In order to stop blushing, we need to first understand why do we even blush in the first place.

Blushing is a symptom of social anxiety. Some people sweat excessively, some people start shaking and some people blush when they find themselves in stressful situations.

These symptoms serve as warning signs of a possible danger that a particular event represents to you.

That’s right, blushing is your subconscious warning sign of a possible threat.

This threat isn’t necessary a physical threat. In fact, blushing occurs when our subconscious mind tries to warn us about a possible emotional pain.

You see, if you do or say something embarrassing in front of someone you actually want to impress, you risk getting rejected. Your subconscious doesn’t want that and that’s why it wants to protect you from doing something that would result in you getting emotionally hurt.

That’s why blushing occurs in the first place.

So, how can you stop blushing?

As you can see, blushing is a subconscious response of your body to what’s going on around you.

Since this is a subconscious phenomenon, we can’t get rid of blushing on a conscious level.

There’s no exercise you could do to make it go away.

In order to stop blushing you need to get rid of the root cause of your blushing.

The root cause lies in the belief that certain social situations aren’t safe… a belief that you could get emotionally hurt if you did something wrong.

This is a limiting belief.

So if you want to stop blushing, you need to eliminate certain limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and other people.

You need to eliminate the beliefs that make you feel “unsafe” in social situations.

Once you eliminate these beliefs, your mind won’t perceive social situations as dangerous anymore and it won’t try to warn you about the danger that doesn’t exist anymore.

Consequently, blushing will be gone as well and you’ll feel much more comfortable and in control around other people, especially around authority figures and people you want to make an impression on.

If you want to permanently eliminate blushing and the anxiety, you might want to check out these proven steps here.

You might also want to ask someone you trust and has seen you in this state if they noticed anything unusual. It’s very likely that they didn’t even notice you blushing because the symptoms of anxiety are not really as visible to other people as we think they are. When we experience the symptoms like blushing, we feel them with full intensity because these changes happen to us. Usually, however, they are not that intense on the outside.

I really hope you’ve found this helpful.

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