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How To Feel Good Even When You Think You Can’t

This one is really good. I’ll actually show you a simple trick that I use every time I need to improve my mood.

feel-goodI call it the “feel good recipe”.

No… it has nothing to do with cooking.

You won’t need your apron and you won’t need your cooking hat. 🙂

And it also doesn’t involve eating.

Yes some actually fall victim to emotional eating in order to feel good.

This is something I did practically every day and it’s probably one of the reasons why I was 50 pounds overweight.

So what is this recipe then?

Well, it’s a trick of mind… sort of.

You see, it’s about changing your reaction to your fears.

Now what do I mean by that?

Right now your natural reaction to fear is to avoid it, right?

It’s a typical fight or flight response that all humans have in dangerous situations.

However, socially anxious people tend to fear social situations that are not really life threatening.

And when your natural reaction is to avoid the situation, you end up feeling bad afterwards.

It’s always like that.

You don’t feel bad when you face your fears. You feel bad when you don’t.

It’s times when you avoid your fears that make you feel bad.

So the recipe is to act differently.

The recipe is to face your fear and do the thing you feel least like doing.

Sometimes you won’t be able to and that’s perfectly fine.

It will seem like you have no control over yourself when trying to face certain situations that cause your anxiety to erupt.

Whenever this happens, realize that this only means that you have to start smaller and build your way up.

You need to tackle your smaller fears first.

The important thing is to get into a daily habit of facing, rather than avoiding, the things that cause you to feel anxiety.

Soon you will notice something changing inside you.

You will start to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for stepping up.

And you will begin to see yourself in a different light. You will start to see yourself as someone who can actually accomplish great things.

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