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High School Reunion – Should You Go Or Should You Not

When I had my first high school reunion I was kind of afraid to go because I had quite a few problems at that time. I didn’t have many friends in high school. I actually had just a few and I didn’t stay in contact with any of them and of course at that point I had nothing going on in my life.

I was basically very unsuccessful in anything and that made me not want to go to the reunion. I was too afraid that my ex-schoolmates would see me as a loser… as someone who hasn’t achieved much in life.

But I went to that reunion in spite of having social anxiety. It was nothing special. Nothing extraordinary happened that night, but I left with a feeling of achievement. I was proud of myself for finding the courage to go. Hopefully this video I made for you will help you find the courage to go because I really believe that you should go.

I’m sure you have many fears but most of them are exaggerated by your anxiety. So watch this video below and see why you should go.

Now hopefully I answered some of your questions and objections and you don’t feel as anxious about going anymore.

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