How To Gain Social Skills In The Comfort Of Your Own Home - Social Anxiety Advice

How To Gain Social Skills In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

A lot of people ask me if it’s possible to overcome social anxiety with visualization.

comfort-of-homeSo let me first tell you that visualization has its place in the process of conquering your social fears providing it’s done right.

It allows you to gain social skills in the comfort of your own home.

Experimental and clinical psychologists have proved that human nervous system can’t tell the difference between an actual experience and one imagined vividly and in details.

This allows you to practice your social skills in your minds eye.

And one of the first people who studied this mind-body connection was dr. Maxwell Maltz back in the 1960s.

He stumbled upon the concept of self-image as he saw that patients who underwent the plastic surgery still had a bad image about themselves.

So he developed a system that also incorporates visualization, to help his patients improve their inner self-image and live a better life.

And what he discovered was that visualization has to be done in a particular way in order to be effective.

So the long story short, you have to visualize THE RIGHT WAY if you want to defeat social anxiety.

You see, when I was searching the internet for visualization techniques, I couldn’t find anything useful.

There were many videos and articles floating around, but none of them shows you how to do it properly.

They teach you how to visualize waterfalls, flowers and other “positive” stuff.

They even try to teach you how to visualize yourself succeed in different situations.

But this doesn’t work with social anxiety.

It can make you feel a little bit more at ease, but it doesn’t really help you overcome your social anxiety for good.

You see, there’s a different approach to visualizing if you want to beat social anxiety.

In your mind’s eye you have to practice exposing yourself to social situations and you need to do it until you feel that now you could actually do it in real life. And then you need to do it in real life as well.

This helps you teach your brain that you can handle these sorts of situations in the future and this will make your anxiety less intense the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

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