How To Feel Good In Your Own Body - Social Anxiety Advice

How To Feel Good In Your Own Body

I was the 3rd heaviest kid in high school. About 40% of my body weight was fat and I could barely walk.

comfort-eatingAnd whenever I did walk, my belly fat was wobbling up and down with every step that I made.

It was uncomfortable.

I was ashamed of my body and myself.

My self-image was a BAD image.

And the only way I could feel more comfortable was to eat more.

And so I found comfort in food.

But it was a short-term comfort.

It made me forget about things that made me nervous, but on the other hand, every comfort eating session made my self-esteem worse.

And after stuffing myself with food I only felt worse.

My body felt heavier… my mood worsened… and I became lazy.

Yes, I battled my social anxiety with emotional eating.

Every time something made me anxious I ate a candy bar or some other unhealthy food.

The relief was always short-lived so I kept eating and eating until things got out of hand.

At the annual physical exam the school doctor told me I had to lose weight or I might die prematurely.

It was a wake up call and a turning point in my life.

I made a decision that I won’t seek comfort in food anymore.

I made a decision that I’ll change my eating habits and find a way to feel better in my own body.

So I started to exercise and eat healthier food.

In just 2 months I lost 45 pounds.

This actually happened during the summer break so when I got back to school my schoolmates couldn’t believe their eyes.

It was a great feeling.

But what was even better was the fact that I felt better inside.

I felt more comfortable in my own skin and I had much more life energy.

And this somehow helped me improve my self-esteem as well.

So if you’re feeling bad in your own body and you’re seeking comfort in junk food that makes you feel even worse afterwards, start eating right.

Eat more vegetables and less sweets and other junk food.

You will really feel much better.

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