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Social Anxiety And Fear Of Shopping

Do you ever run out of food just because you’re scared of going shopping? Do you rather stay at home and order a pizza than go to your local grocery store?

That used to be the story of my life.

I just hatted going shopping because I was afraid of being judged.

I was afraid that other people in the store would be looking at my shopping cart and judging me for what’s inside.

And I was afraid that the store employees would tell me that I had done something wrong.

I also feared that I wouldn’t be able to put my groceries in the bag fast enough and consequently other people standing in line would start complaining.

My fear of shopping was so bad that I couldn’t keep my hands steady while paying the bill.

It happened so many times that I had dropped the coins and that always made me feel so embarrassed.

So whenever something like that happened I used my credit card the next time I went shopping.

But this didn’t solve my problem.

It only made my fear of dropping the coins change into fear of my credit card getting rejected and causing long lines as a result of that.

So to fight my fear of shopping I created a short ritual that allowed me to calm down a bit.

It was merely a breathing technique that allowed me to catch my breath and recompose.

It allowed me to lower the level of my anxiety quite a bit.

After a few minutes of proper breathing I was able to think clearly again which allowed me to go to the grocery store without going “crazy” and get all the food that I needed.

If you’re interested in this breathing technique I’d suggest you to check out my special holiday episode of Social Anxiety Advice podcast.

It’s just about 10 minutes long and just a couple of minutes in you’ll hear me talk about this breathing technique.

Here’s where you can listen to it now:

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