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How Fear Of Change Prevents Your From Overcoming Social Anxiety

I’ve been doing this Social Anxiety Advice podcast for almost 5 months now and so far I haven’t skipped a week. Even when the times got tough and I had some pretty bad things going on in my life, I did my best to produce an episode for you to listen. My commitment to helping you overcome social anxiety has always been strong and I’ll keep helping you for as long as you’ll need me in your life. I’ll keep providing great information on how to deal with social anxiety; however there will be some changes. And I’m going to tell you about these changes later on in this episode of the social anxiety advice podcast. But for now lets talk about changes in your life and how fear of change prevents you from overcoming social anxiety.

You see, when you have social anxiety you fear social situations. You fear that you’d get embarrassed and emotionally hurt. Maybe on a conscious level you don’t think about that, but subconsciously your mind tries to do everything to pull you out of those social situations.

Even thou you want to change that, you’re secretly afraid of change, because change would mean that you would actually become more social and you’d hang out with other people way more than you do now.

And since right now social anxiety makes you feel uncomfortable in social situations, you fear that change.

You’re worried that if you didn’t have social anxiety you’d have to do things that feel uncomfortable right now.

You’d have to talk to other people and do other things that you might not know how to do right now.

So it’s this fear of change that holds you back right now.

That’s why I want you to overcome this fear.

I want you to start making big steps in the right direction and actually start enjoying your life.

You deserve it.

You’ve suffered long enough and it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

So let me give you a tip on how to deal with fear of change.

You see, in order to get rid of this fear that holds you back right now, you need to start visualizing a better future – a better life after overcoming social anxiety.

Right now you’re afraid of the unknown.

You’re afraid that you wouldn’t be able to handle all the new activities and expectations once you no longer have social anxiety.

But ironically it’s your social phobia that makes you feel that way. Once you no longer have social anxiety you no longer feel this way. You actually understand that social situations are safe and can actually be fun.

But since the anxiety makes you feel very different right now, you need to picture yourself a bright future before you actually get there.

You need to create a desirable future for yourself.

You need to create life so desirable that you would want to go after it.

So what I want you to do is take ten minutes and think about all the things you could achieve if you didn’t have social phobia.

Think about how your life would look like without the anxiety.

Would you be able to get a better job? Would that help you improve your financial situations?

Would you finally be able to find that someone special that you might be missing right now?

Would you be able to reconnect with your ex-friends or find new ones?

Would it be easier to pursue your goals?

Would you find your hobbies more enjoyable?

Just think about all these things and picture yourself a bright future.

Really take ten minutes and then write it down on a piece of paper.

Then every morning look at what you’ve written and use it as a source of motivation. Use it as an inspiration for change and then go after you dreams. You’ll see that once you’re ready for that change you’ll find it easier to find what works and your progress will become much faster.

So really take these 10 minutes and find your reasons why you want a life without social phobia.

I really hope this will help you move forward.

Now since we’re already talking about change I need to tell you about the changes I want to make with this podcast.

Changes, Changes, Changes, …

I know that some of you are listening to this podcast from the very beginning and find it very helpful.

I’ve actually received quite a few emails from you thanking me for doing this… thanking me for helping you out. And it’s emails like this that make me want to continue doing this, but sometimes we need to change certain things in order to be able to move forward.

Just like we need to change our limiting beliefs in order to overcome social anxiety.

So here’s what I’m thinking right now.

I’m thinking about changing the concept of this podcast. I’m thinking about moving it into a different format.

I actually want to start making more videos for you because I believe that if I added visuals you’d get even more out of the tips I give you.

I think that by making more videos I’d be able to help even more people who suffer from social anxiety disorder.

That’s why I will slowly move everything to YouTube and I’ll stop doing this podcast.

So if you find my tips helpful and you’d like to get more help with overcoming social anxiety please follow me on YouTube.

You can do that by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find it by searching YouTube, so I made a special link for you that will get you straight to my channel where you can already watch some of my videos and subscribe to receive future videos as well.

In fact, I would really appreciate if you subscribed and expressed your support that way.

It’s still going to be free so I’d really appreciate if you subscribed.

Now here’s where you can find my YouTube channel:

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