Does Social Anxiety Make You Tired?

Does Social Anxiety Make You Tired?

Today I’ve been talking with one of my coworkers who happens to have social anxiety and seems to be tired all the time. This made me think, “Does social anxiety make you tired”?

When I still suffered from social anxiety, I never felt energized. In fact, I was low on energy most of the time. So, there must be some sort of connection between social anxiety and tiredness.

So, I’m going to try to answer this question and provide a proper solution for you.

In short, social anxiety does make you tired.

And there’s a good reason for that.

Just think about how you feel when you have to face a situation that makes you anxious.

You tense up, right?!

Your heart starts racing and you get to experience the unpleasant feelings in your stomach.

Maybe you even start to tremble or experience some other symptoms of social anxiety.

Stressful Social Situations Cause Your Body To React

Social anxiety is as much a physical thing as it is a mental thing.

When your mind perceives a social situation as potentially dangerous, it throws your hormone levels out of balance and your body instantly prepares itself for that danger.

This state of alertness that causes tension in your body eventually takes its toll and you get tired.

This is the reason why you might feel tired because of having social anxiety and having to deal with stressful social situations.

How To Get Your Energy Back

So, what can we do to get our energy back and kick start the cycle of positive energy?

Well, here’s what I would suggest.

  1. Think of the things that you love, things that make you feel excited.
  2. Put them down on a piece of paper and commit to doing at least 2 of these things every day for the next two weeks.

I know that it sounds like work but it really is worth it.

You will notice that you’ll find some new excitement in your life. You’ll start enjoying things again.

You’ll kick start an upward spiral of good mood.

get active to stop being tired

When I did this exercise, I was more than surprised by its results.

At first, it was quite difficult to get started. I practically had to force myself into doing something fun and exciting.

I had been in the state of tiredness and mild depression for so long that I almost forgot how to have fun.

But I did it and my mood elevated significantly.

And even though I actually went out and started doing things, my energy levels started to rise.

The tiredness slowly went away.

It was so liberating.

You really must try this yourself.

What If You Can’t Force Yourself Into Getting Active?

I get it that it’s hard to forget about your problems and go out to have fun.

A mere thought of other people judging you while having fun can be paralyzing.

So what can you do if you can’t break out of your current state?

Here’s what I would do.

First, I’d go for a brisk walk or do something else to get my heart rate up.

If going out for a walk wasn’t an option, I’d probably put on a P90 or P90X DVD and work out with Mr. Tony Horton in front of my TV.

Now, if you don’t like Beachbody DVDs or you don’t own any, you can still bring your heart rate up without having to go out or going to the gym.


Well, dancing is definitely one way to do it.

It helps you get your heart pumping and besides that it’s fun.

What a way to boost your mood right? 🙂

And you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Do it for 15 minutes and you’ll notice a shift in the way you feel.

Sure, you might get a little bit out of breath but, that’s OK. What’s important is that you pull yourself away from your automatic negative thoughts and engage in something that’s actually fun.

More Ways To Relax And Get Your Energy Back

After a nice workout, I really enjoy taking a bubble bath because it’s soothing and allows me to be all by myself.

No one is bothering me when I take a bath.

It’s time for myself and myself only. 🙂

If you like having bubble baths, have then. Have them more often.

And if you really want to treat yourself, light up some candles and put on some soothing music.

Give yourself a treat. You deserve it.

This will help you recharge your batteries.

Get More Sleep

get enough sleep to reduce social anxiety

I’ve noticed that I sleep much better now, but when I still suffered from social anxiety, I just couldn’t get enough hours of sleep.

No matter how hard I tried to fall asleep, I just couldn’t.

I was thinking about all the negative things that had happened that day.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep me awake, my mind started thinking about all the things that could go wrong the next day.

These automatic negative thoughts had to be stopped.

Now, I wish I could give you really good advice on how to do this instantly, but I can’t. There’s just no way to stop these negative thoughts without any effort.

However, I will give you a few tips that might help.

How To Stop Your Automatic Negative Thoughts

The best way to get the automatic negative thoughts out of your head is to first become aware of them and then write them down.

Once you have them on paper you can finally start working on them.

You can start looking for different angles, different perspectives that prove that these thoughts are unfounded.

And the more proof you can find, the easier it is to dismiss these negative thoughts.

But when you’re in bed, trying to fall asleep, you don’t really want o get out of bed and start writing your thoughts.

So what can you do in this situation?

Well, one thing that worked quite well for me was to intentionally refocus my mind.

I intentionally started to think about things that I like, things that make me happy.

This helped me keep the negativity out of my head and eventually I was able to fall asleep.

Now, don’t expect miracles, but if this method helps you get half an hour of sleep more every night, then I think it’s worth it. 🙂

Another way to get more sleep is to go to bed half an hour earlier.

Getting Enough Sleep Will Also Help You Feel Less Anxious During The Day

Getting enough sleep can definitely help you improve your situation with social anxiety.

If you’re not well rested and you feel tired during the day, this affects your cognitive abilities and it affects how you deal with everyday situations.

Anxiety can creep in much faster when you’re not well rested.

And not only that, it can creep in even in situations where you wouldn’t get anxious otherwise.

So, follow the tips that I gave you and you’ll do something good for yourself.

You’ll feel less tired and less anxious during the day.

What Can You Do To Minimize or Even Eliminate Social Anxiety

Social anxiety doesn’t only make us tired during the day. It affects our lives in so many ways and none of them is positive.

It’s hard to have a well-paid job that you love going to when you have social anxiety.

It’s also hard to have meaningful relationships and real friends when you’d rather avoid them, right?!

We all deserve better than that and if we want to get what we deserve, we need to do something about social anxiety.

We need to do whatever it takes to overcome it so we can finally open our wings and start living the life that we want and deserve.

So, if you want to overcome social anxiety, watch this in-depth video that I made on this topic.

I cover all the steps that you need to take to beat social anxiety. These are the exact same steps that I took to overcome my social anxiety a couple of years ago.

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