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How Comedians Deal With Embarrassing Moments

Has it ever happened to you that you didn’t want to do something because you were too afraid that it won’t turn out well and you’d end up getting embarrassed?

Do you think that this fear prevents you from realizing your full potential?

Does it prevent you from living your life fully?

Fear of embarrassment hugely affects how we live, how active we are and how much FUN we have.

When you’re afraid that you’d do or say something that would get you embarrassed, you hold yourself back.

You play it safe.

You don’t do things that could encourage people to laugh at you, right?

Consequently, you don’t have that much fun in life… or at least not as much as you would want it to. having-fun Other people dance when they feel like it.

They talk aloud, dress cool, approach people they like, take action and ask for promotion or a pay raise without fear.

When you fear getting yourself embarrassed you miss out on all of that.

You miss out on life.

And if you have kids, you risk transferring this fear on them as well.

That’s why you need to do something about it and hopefully this article can help you take one step closer to overcoming your fear of embarrassment. Here you’ll find…

A Very Effective Way For Dealing With Embarrassing Moments That Comedians Use All The Time

Comedians have all sorts of ways to deal with stress and embarrassing moments.

After all it’s their profession to walk on a thin ice and find new and unusual ways to make you laugh.

When the ice breaks they need a way to save their face.

In the video below you can see how Conan does it.

So, watch this short video clip below and observe what happens.

Pay attention to what Conan does when he finds himself in a potentially embarrassing situation.

The situation start about 2 minutes in.

Did you notice what happened?

Conan simply owned that embarrassing moment.

Instead of going against that other guy’s “story” and denying looking at another man’s butt, he owned that moment and admitted doing it.

Moreover, he exaggerated the facts, which made everything funny and entertaining.

Here’s How To Save Face After Doing Something Embarrassing

First admit doing it. Own that moment.

Realize that it’s perfectly normal to do things that might not be appropriate.

Everyone does it.

Some do it by accident while others do it on purpose.

And in a couple of minutes after doing something embarrassing, no one cares about it anymore… especially when you admit doing it.

You see, it’s no fun making fun of someone who has already admitted doing something embarrassing.

Admitting your “mistake” or “wrongdoing” usually disarms the bullies.

Now, secondly, try to have fun with it.

Think of a way that would make that moment funny… not just to others but to you as well.

Why wait for years to be able to laugh at that embarrassing moment when you can already do this today??!!

You can even turn it into a funny story and add it to the list of interesting things you can talk about to build rapport and friendship with other people.

You see, when other people hear about your mistakes and your embarrassing moments, they bond with you because learning about your mistakes helps them see you as one of them.


Because we all make mistakes.

And showing that you’re comfortable making fun of yourself is also appealing to other people, which again helps you build relationships with them.

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