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Life Compass That Works Better Than A Swiss Clock

Did you know that we all have an inner compass that is responsible for more or less every success in life we experience?

life-compassIt’s a perfect mechanism that guides you towards what you want and helps you achieve the life that you truly desire.

Wondering what this is?

It’s fear!

That’s right, it’s fear.

But how fear?

How can fear ever be good?

After all, fear is what paralyses you not to take action, right?

Well, that’s because right now you don’t know what fear really is.

Now let me explain this a little bit.

Fear is like a compass that points you towards the life you want.

All of your deepest desires are dominated by fear.

You’re afraid of approaching people you find attractive.

You’re afraid of going after a better job.

You’re afraid of starting your own business.

You’re afraid of talking to people you look up to.

And you’re afraid of living an adventurous life.


Because that’s what you want and you’re afraid that if you tried you’d fail.

And that’s why you don’t even try.

But the fear that’s behind it is simply a compass pointing you at what you really want.

You see, you’re not afraid of the things that you’re already comfortable with.

You don’t fear watching TV.

You don’t fear talking to your parents.

You don’t fear being around a close friend that you’ve known for ages.

That’s because you already have that.

You already have all these things in your life and there’s no desire behind it.

But when you really really want something you can’t have, there’s always fear present.

Because fear is an indicator of what you want.

And once you see it as such…

Once you see fear as your life compass, you can let fear guide you to your desired life.

Fear is your ally.

It actually tells you something positive about yourself.

Fear is your friend, so embrace it.

It’s a food for thought… so take time and process this because this concept can change your life.

You see, once you see fear as your ally, you can actually start making the steps toward the life that you really want.

One step at a time.

One small fear after another.

And you’ll notice how fear slowly goes away once you get comfortable in that situation.

And keep in mind; you need to do it strategically.

Follow a proven plan and you’ll get to where you want to be.

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