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How To Overcome Social Anxiety

Does social anxiety control your life? It doesn’t have to! Here you’re going to find out, how to overcome social anxiety and build rock-solid social confidence, so you can do your daily activities without getting tense and nervous.

What you’re about to learn is very different from what you might have seen or tried before. Unlike other articles that only tell you what you already know, this one will actually show you how to overcome social anxiety.

Overcoming social anxiety doesn’t have to be difficult

It doesn’t have to take years of cognitive behavioral therapy to see some real improvement.

And you don’t have to go through stressful exposure therapy in order to “toughen” yourself up.

All it takes is the right approach that addresses and removes the root cause of your social anxiety.

root cause of social anxiety

Once the root cause is gone, your anxiety doesn’t get triggered anymore.

If you want to learn how to overcome social anxiety you need to first understand why you even have it…

Right now you probably get anxious in social situations, especially in situations where you could get yourself embarrassed or socially rejected.

When you find yourself in such a situation you get to experience different symptoms of social anxiety.

Your palms might get sweaty. Your heart might start racing. You might start sweating or maybe even blushing. You might start experiencing the unpleasant feelings in your stomach and your mind might go blank.

symptoms of social anxiety

These are the most common symptoms of social anxiety.

Now, why do you think you get to experience these symptoms?

Why do you get anxious in social situations?

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

You get anxious because your brain is working too hard to protect you from getting hurt…

There is a special part in your brain called amygdala that is responsible for everything related to fear.

This amygdala functions as a smoke detector. Every time it senses a possible danger it fires an alarm to warn you about that danger. Your brain chemistry, specifically your levels of serotonin change and you start to experience the unpleasant symptoms of social anxiety.

how social anxiety works

These symptoms function as a warning sign and are here to warn you about the possible danger that you’re being exposed to.

In general, this is a good response because it allows you to remove yourself from that threat as quickly as possible.

This response helps you protect yourself from getting seriously hurt or even killed.

If you encounter a dangerous animal there’s a real danger of something bad happening to you and your brain tries to protect you.

When you have social anxiety the amygdala works too hard to protect you from getting hurt…

It tries to warn you about the possible danger even in situations that are not really life-threatening.

It warns you about situations where you could get emotionally hurt because it doesn’t perceive any difference between physical and emotional pain.

how to overcome social anxiety and emotional pain

The good news is that this kind of behavior of your brain is a learned behavior which means that you can change it.

In order to change how your brain reacts to social situations, we need to understand why do we perceive social situations as dangerous.

Why Does Our Brain Perceive Social Situations As Dangerous Or Unsafe?

During the childhood years and adolescence, we’ve experienced lots of different emotional situations.

Based on how these situations made us feel, we’ve developed certain beliefs about ourselves and about other people. Some of these beliefs are positive some are neutral and some are limiting and cause us to get anxious in social situations.

limiting beliefs cause social anxiety

All these beliefs feel like the truth to us because they represent our reality.

Our beliefs represent who we are.

Our beliefs represent our identity and that’s why even limiting beliefs feel like the ultimate truth to us.

Here are just a couple of beliefs that can cause social anxiety:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I have to be perfect in order to be loved or accepted.
  • People would disapprove of me if I were to be myself.
  • I must always look strong and confident.
  • I must get other people’s approval.

These are all negative limiting beliefs that cause social anxiety.

These and similar limiting beliefs about ourselves and other people now cause the amygdala to fire the alarm and warn us about the emotional pain that we could experience in certain social situations.

Limiting beliefs are the triggers of our social anxiety

When we eliminate these triggers, when we eliminate the negative limiting beliefs that make us feel unsafe in social situations, there’s nothing left there that could trigger the anxiety again.

Our amygdala doesn’t have to warn us about perceived danger anymore because it doesn’t perceive social situations as dangerous anymore. Consequently, our social anxiety is gone as well.

This is how to overcome social anxiety.

how to overcome social anxiety by eliminating the triggers

If you want to know exactly how to overcome social anxiety by eliminating the negative limiting beliefs that trigger your anxiety right now, you might want to take my online course, Social Anxiety Away.

Inside the course you will find the 4-step process that you will go through to beat your social anxiety and build the social confidence you need, so you can finally start living like anyone else who doesn’t have social anxiety.

Use the momentum that you have right now…

Right now, you are actively looking for a solution for your social anxiety. You are motivated to finally make that change that will allow you to function normally around other people.

Use this motivation to your advantage.

It’s too easy to procrastinate and wait for better times but this kind of attitude gets us nowhere. We get stuck and we all know how hard it is to get unstuck again.

So, use this momentum and take action.

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